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Arthritis Treatment

The hand and wrist have multiple small joints working together to produce motion. As general term for inflammation in the joints, arthritis can occur in numerous forms. Arthritis can occur as a result of chronic inflammation of a joint and its surrounding tissues, following trauma to a joint, or from a genetic defect.

Common forms of arthritis include degenerative arthritis or osteoarthritis, which can affect one or more joints in the body. Degenerative arthritis occurs later in life and mainly affects the hands, and can cause pain, deformity, and a limited range of motion.

Proper diagnosis is key for arthritis patients seeking relief. As an orthopedic specialist, Dr. John C. Kagan will extensively review your patient history, and follow with a physical examination with X-rays to properly diagnose your arthritis and provide treatment options.

In some cases surgery may be needed for arthritic patients. Surgery is often considered after non-surgical treatment options have been attempted without positive results. Dr. Kagan’s goal is to restore as much function as possible and to eliminate or reduce pain to a tolerable level.

Common surgical procedures include:

  • Arthritic Hand Surgery
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Joint Reconstruction
  • Joint Fusion
  • Wrist Fractures